Cairo, Illinois

歌手:Pokey LaFarge

专辑: Something in the Water

If it’s not where you’re from
But what you had where you happened to come from
More or less I’d say that I had none
Eatin’ and drinkin’ would be all that I do
And if it’s not what you do
But what you got, then I got less
And out of loving or playing, I like loving the best
Now baby, take me with you when you go


If you’ve lost your ticket to paradise
Or you spent your money for the bus
It’s cold coffee in the morning, slow trumpet at dusk
Now baby, catch that old midnight train


I want you to hear that I’m trying, babe

Down by the levee
Where you swear God’s got you shamed
Just cast your doubts and the mistakes that you’ve made
Into that old wishing well, well well well well
Don’t the river look lonesome at twilight?
Well, there ain’t no looking back
It’s just a broken fiddle and an old tote sack
In the morning you’ll be going south

I want you to feel like I’m trying, babe, oh yes, I want you to know that I’m trying


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