歌手:Spark Master Tape

专辑: The #SWOUP Serengeti

The period done, stealing your funds, we fearing, you done
We livin' in prison, and reapin' the runs
You talkin' that shit,

(Spark Master, uhh, Hedj Banga, Paper Platoon)

All girls I know is sluts
All sluts I know, they blow, so if you want you know you bust
Ey yo I'm Spark miggity Master Tape

Like Spark Master Tape

Uhh, We get shipments so big
That when we be sipping our shit
We tripping and shit might just slip out the sink
Ay, Rizzo, fuck what you think
49 roofies in her ma'fucking drink
49 groupies on my fucking dick

Off the topic, fuck your gossip
Shot that hostage, now you gone

Bang that squad shit
It's on shit
We kill shit
Yeah that don shit
My hoes, bitches be raunchy
Rock gold linen Versace
Like Spark

(Ooh Mrs charlie, what kind of swoup is you makin')

Guns, guns, bitches, with me
Guns, guns, bitches, Spark