Misfit Anthem

歌手:Social Club Misfits

专辑: The Misadventures of Fern & Marty

[Verse 1: Marty]
I'm watching stars on my roof flying by
Wondering who am I?
My hoodie on it's getting cold outside

I'm wondering how we made it this far, it's just crazy to me
The wretch from Amazing Grace somehow you still love me
You still love me
A work in progress and I'm far from finished
You made a way for me, you gave my life a new beginning
When I thought that it was ending
This that song I play when there's turbulence shaking on the plane
Tell my wife that imma be okay

I go wherever I don't need a name
My past is gone I don't see the shame
Love as one I can't see the pain
They don't know how I could be this way
Looking at my life I don't even know how we made it this far
The beautiful actions, you broke down the wall to my place in my place you were scarred
This the song for a new generation
The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
His name is Jesus forever we're singing

[Hook: Riley Clemmons]

[Verse 2: Fern]
Nightmares of them nights I had to stay awake
Felt so out of place
I felt so far from grace
I remember all the tears I put on Momma's face
I remember Papa say just finish up the race
I'm a father now so when I look back
All the times that he was there when I look back
Footprints in the sand played out what it looks like
Laid it all down for a wretch and the crook life
It's amazing, so amazing all the things I went through
And the only reason I made this 'cause my parent's prayers
'cause you know that my layers deeper than I would let on
And I knew that I could make it had to push and press on
I stand tall like a beacon of light
For the kids that's lost help them come home tonight
I shine bright so the world can see, world can see
How the Lord shed his blood for me

[Hook: Riley Clemmons]

[Outro: Riley Clemmons]